Episode 11- The Comedian Snub

This week the guys are back and Foley is HOT! The big man had a rough week where he was snubbed by other comedians at a restaurant – and he’s not happy about it. Kevin shares the anxiety of having his parents meet his girlfriends parents – all while realizing his family is alcoholics. Plus […]

Episode 10 – The Fattest Waiter Ever

This week Kevin and Foley are back with a HOT episode. They discuss an encounter with furious man at the airport, as well as standard dining protocol. Kevin deals with the drama of losing his wallet in NYC while Foley worries he is too fat to be a waiter. Plus listener emails!!! A big update […]

Episode 9 – Disney Garbage

The guys are back to go over Kevin’s recent family vacation to Disney World where him and  his family have issues with other tourists. Meanwhile, Foley was in New York stressing over a recent big audition and tries to clean the bad energy out of his apartment. Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod on […]

Episode 8 – Subway Standoff 

Oh boy! This week Foley gets into an altercation with a rude guy on a packed subway car. It’s a hot one! Kevin continues to be abused by people in the service industry on a daily basis. Plus more hard feelings and advice from listener emails. Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod on Twitter […]

Episode 7 – Fighting Teenagers

This week Foley & Kevin are back to show how cowardly they really are. Foley has an encounter with some teenage girls who made fun of him on the street while Kevin screams at an elderly man over a parking spot. Plus more hard feelings from listener emails! Rate, share, review Follow us at @hardfeelingspod […]

Episode 6 – The Angry Vegan

Foley & Kevin are back with a HOT POD! Kevin and his girlfriend had an a run in with a pushy vegan and also may have colluded with the Russians at the airport. Foley reviews mean texts from Kevin and stresses over subway etiquette. They also get into more hard feelings with new listener emails. […]