The Bill Ayres Show

The show is about healing and focuses on a different topic and/or question each week. Bill takes calls from listeners, plays music that fits the topic and sometimes has a guest on who has expertise in the topic discussed. Click Here For More

Apple A Day

Jayde launched Apple a Day in memory of her dear friend Brittany Hamilton who passed from neuroblastoma. Her program has grown to serve hundreds of children in the U.S., spreading joy in the hearts of those kids who bravely battle cancer. Their mission at Apple a Day is to “Keep kids connected while fighting cancer.” Click Here For More

The Science of Sex

Professor of human sexuality, Dr Zhana, and comedian, Joe Pardavila, sit down each week with a new sex researcher to talk about the latest information on anything and everything to do with sex. Always in Fashion With Mark Weber discusses how you can use fashion to help improve all aspects of your life. Click Here For More