Episode 23 – Recaps, Body Parts, Taste Tests, and YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S REALLY IN ICE CREAM

Rob does a postmortem on his gig at ‘My Father’s Place’ over the Thanksgiving Weekend, and provides some background on the Legendary Establishment and it’s even MORE Legendary Proprietor, Eppie Epstein; the controversy over the presence, or lack thereof, of animal products in Mincemeat continues, inspiring Rob to offer the results of his research into the disgusting substances found in common food products; Christopher Walken does a dramatic reading of the ingredients in a Mrs. Smith’s Mince Pie, and everyone, (Except our Director Gary) tastes a sample of a jar of Mincemeat filling. In our ‘Get To Know The Members of the Robio Radio Players’ segment, our venerable veteran, Megan Simard, is interviewed, and we introduce a new venture of our favorite Sponsor, ‘Bud Sperlo’s Discount Body Part Barn’. And, in the exclusive, Podcast – Only ‘Segment 4’, we say and do things we can’t do on the radio.

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