Episode 3 – ManSplaining, Pancakes and Sir Paul

This week, on Episode 3, Rob and the cast present the shockingly preposterous, yet hysterical conclusion of ‘Death Can Kill’;  welcome a new sponsor: ‘Browning’s Restaurant’; check in with Fonzie and the gang after 40 years on ‘Happy Days 2018’; Rob gets a psychic reading from Miss Winnie, Megan and the ladies do a star turn with a musical number about ‘ManSplaining’; and a visit from one of the most legendary, iconic figures of all time.  Hint: he’s a knight and he used to be in the Beatles (at least that’s who they’re going to try to convince you it is) PLUS,  Funk, Blues and Rock Legends ‘CARRIE AND THE CATS’!!!   Subscribe today so you don’t miss a single episode!

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