Fireside Chats Issue 257: Another Day, Another Doug

***Spoiler Alert***
The crowds are roaring Firesiders. Sparkles, the lord of thunder in one corner, and the Grandmasters champion in the other. As these titans get ready to battle it out in one of the greatest MCU movies to date, the hosts of these chats sit like a bunch of Dougs. Mendte, Features, and Baby Huey sit down with fellow Fireside film fanatic, Damian and practically gush over the Mightiest avengers newest movie. How does Ragnarok change things for the MCU? Who had the stand out performance? Where does Hela rank on the MCU villains leaderboard? What was the funniest moment? The guys break it all down in a no holds bar, spoiler ridden rant on all things Ragnarok. Tune in and become so Doug you’ll think you’re Quailman. Welcome to Fireside.


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