Keith Thomas Tribute

Keith Thomas is a true inspiration to anyone who has met him. With his cheshire smile anda comedic timing that rivals the best stand ups, he always lit up any conversation he was a part of. Keith was an amazing story teller with many projects under his belt. Each one had a special place in his heart and he never shiedaway from discussing them. Telling the stories behind the stories was the equivalent to pulling a picture of his kid from his wallet. This pride was infectious and never off putting. This was all because at any moment Keith was willing to stop what he was doing just to listen to anything his friends wanted to talk about. Whether it be a project they were working on or a movie they recently watched. Nothing was too big or too small of a topic. None of this compares to the support and wisdom he shared with those privileged enough to call him a friend. Keith’s pride and passion for his own work pales in comparison to that he had of his friends. His would do anything he could to promote, advise, or support. These are just a few reasons that were are proud to have Keith as part of the Fireside Family. This week we lost Keith to an aggressive battle with cancer. It only seemed fitting that we take this time to celebrate him and post some of our favorite moments he shared with us in lieu of a new issue.

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