Meet Brighton Mansour

When Lauren was 14 weeks pregnant she learned that Brighton has Down syndrome. Then at 22 weeks pregnant, the Mansours learned that Brighton was not growing at a typical rate (this is known as IUGR – Intrauterine Growth Restriction). Because of IUGR and complications with the blood flow from the umbilical cord, Brighton and his twin sister were born 8 weeks premature.

Born with underdeveloped lungs, Brighton stayed in the NICU for 4 ½ months. The Mansours were anxious to bring Brighton home to be with the family, but the hospital recommended that Brighton come to CSH for 6 weeks as an inpatient for rehabilitation. Hesitant at first, the Mansours are so grateful they came to Children’s, “When your child is in the NICU you are just focused on keeping your baby alive and healthy. You don’t think clearly. Children’s helped to push us to think about the services and help Brighton would need. They helped prepare us to bring our baby home and gave us the tools to help him thrive.”

Brighton turned 2 on October 1st and he is home now with his family. Brighton was using oxygen 24/7 up until early September to help his underdeveloped lungs but because he has gained so much physical strength his doctors have recently been able to take him off the oxygen, thanks in part to all the therapies he’s received.  He also requires a G-tube for feeding because of his low muscle tone, which caused aspiration during bottle feeds, and he’s still learning to eat by mouth, as it takes a lot of coordination and strength.   Brighton continues to go to Children’s in Warren for outpatient physical, occupational, and feeding therapies 3 days a week. The Mansours find their appointments at Children’s comforting and look forward to seeing Brighton’s therapists each week. They are working toward helping Brighton gain more independence, sitting up on his own and moving about with crawling.

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