The Library: Kokane: Bringing Back that West Coast G-Funk Sound

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, legendary west coast artist, Kokane joins Tim to talk about his new album Kokane King of Gfunk, which features Bootsy Collins, Gipp Goodie, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, George Clinton and more. He tells Tim why he chose Hip Hop over Funk, why this album is an album for the people and the influence Motown, Reggae and Funk continue to have on him as an artist. "Our identity on the West Coast is really the G-Funk sound. when you go on to New York sound, it's the Boom Bap sound. When you go to the South sound, it's the Trap sound. But then we got to get back to what made us, and that's the West Coast G-Funk sound."

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