The Library: Slug: He's No Biggie (Interview)

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim talks to Slug, co-founder of the indie label Rhymesayers Entertainment and one half of the group Atmosphere. Slug and Tim discuss the art of growing a beard, Atmosphere's new album – Fishing Blues-, learning to make music fun again, balancing tour life and family life, and why if Biggie was still a live today, he might not make 5 lists. People put Biggie in the top 5. "I'll never be in the top 5. I'll never be Biggie. It's okay, I'm okay with that. I can never be Biggie because I lived. If Biggie were alive right now, he wouldn't be Biggie. It [“No Biggie”] basically was about when an artist is cut short, it doesn't give us an opportunity to poke holes in them. He didn't give us a chance to watch him fall off. He never gave us that 5th album where we can be like “well, Biggie lost it.” And then the 6th album where we can be like “He got it back.” We put him in the top 5 by default, where really we don't know where it would have went from there.”

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