The Library: Tairrie B, Hip Hop's Original “Ruthless Bitch” is Back (Interview)

Signed by the late, great Eazy-E in 1989, Tairrie B was the original "Ruthless Bitch" of hip hop. She released one hip hop album "The Power Of A Woman" in 1990 and after recording her follow up "Single White Female" in 92, decided to keep her masters and change her musical path to pursue a career where she blazed a trail for female screamers in heavy metal. 25 years after releasing her first album, Tairrie B is back, revisiting her roots with a new self-produced hip hop record—Vintage Curses. She talks to Tim on The Library this week about her latest album, her career, women in hip hop and what drew her to NWA. "NWA was like that, they were really scary and dirty. I just thought, okay I don't agree with all the subject matter but I like the way it makes me feel when I listen to it. It's scary. Good music has to invoke something. Whether it's heavy metal, or whatever it is. It has to invoke a feeling in you. And who's to say what that feeling is or where it comes from, with anything."

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