Maureen Langan

Stand up comic and writer, Maureen Langan, in a funny one woman show, tells the story of her blue collar coming of age in the Bronx. “Daughter of A Garbageman” is currently at The Pit Loft, 212-563-7488, and then heading to The Mizner Center April 13,14 in Boca, Florida. 

Linda Fairstein

No one knows more about domestic violence or sexual assault, than former DA, Linda Fairstein. Her latest thriller, Blood Oath, takes you behind the facade of major political players and historic institutes in NYC. 

Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter

If you have experienced a personal loss or serious illness or lost your career or problems with your kids, what gives you the strength to keep on going? Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter prove that everyone has “The Stuff”. 

Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni, Op Ed page columnist for The NY Times, takes on the college admission scandal revealing a rigged system that caters to the haves and turns backs on the have-nots. 

Lester Hyman

Washington Insider reveals his coming of age with John F Kennedy as his mentor. Inside stories about the Kennedy’s, and their family and friends in his Lester Hyman’s new book, “JFK: The Kennedy’s and Me”.