Episode 6 – Veridoc Global

VeriDoc Global is a patented software solution that eliminates document fraud and counterfeits. Using a mobile device, anyone can simply scan a VeriDoc Global secured QR code and verify within seconds whether something is real or fake.

Episode 5 – Sunstock

Sunstock/Triple 8 is redefining how the world conceptualizes and uses money with the launch of asset-backed cryptocurrencies that are directly tied to the value of gold, silver, and platinum bullion. By leveraging blockchain ledger technology and a diversified portfolio of precious metal holdings, Triple 8 is creating a new system for money that is both […]

Episode 4 – 3IO

3IO – On demand global marketing service that maximizes potential by transitioning Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 enterprises.

Episode 3 – Dolla

Nicole Herschik, CFO and Jolene Oxborrow, GMO -Implementing a payment platform for both on and offline businesses throughout the world that is near free, fast and secure.While providing quick, economical access to payment and transfer platforms equally across the world including the millions of unbanked.Utilizing our high tech wallet, exchange and ATM network provide a cost […]

Episode 2- Apollo Foundation

AJ Mora, senior director of marketing -Utilizing a community of world-class developers, managers, marketers and researchers, the Apollo community, backed by the Apollo Foundation, has accomplished its goal in becoming the Word’s fastest, most private and most feature-rich cryptocurrency. Apollo was developed for the sole purpose of offering every mainstream cryptocurrency feature on one untraceable […]

Episode 1 – Swarm

Swarm Fund is the blockchain for private equity. It’s a fully decentralized capital market place that democratizes investing by using the power of the blockchain to open up high-return, alternative investment classes to smaller investors through asset-backed funds using cryptocurrency tokens. It makes traditionally exclusive investment opportunities, such as private equity and hedge funds, inclusive […]

Exploring the Block Trailer (Apollo Currency)

This is the trailer for a new podcast. Apollo is an all-in-one currency offering its users endless possibilities that go beyond making secure payments for goods and services. Apollo is a universal currency that can be tailored to use in almost every sector of life and business. From the creation of token shares for corporations, […]