Episode 77 – Catching a Break with Torah Bontrager

This week you better hang on to your seat, because Torah Bontrager, the Executive Director of The Amish Heritage Foundation is going to blow you away with her entrepreneurial story. She tells why being a 9-to-5er doesn’t really work for her and how and why she escaped from her Amish community to live out her […]

Episode 75 – Killing Them with Kindness w/ Dr. Faith Atte

“Killing Them with Kindness” — Today is the day that Dr. Faith Atte relinquishes she love unto the FaithGRINDinspire community. Dr. Atte is a firm believer of being a life long learner and delivers a recipe for success that will leave you hungry for more. This is the guidance you’ve been looking for, so stay […]

Episode 74 – The Smart Million Dollar Man w/ Dr. Adam Bloc

“The Smart Million Dollar Man” — on this episode we converse with Dr. Adam Block, a Harvard graduate in health policy and economics and he’s an incredible wealth of knowledge. Dr. Block gives an in-depth account of the world of economics and delve into what it takes to be a conducive entrepreneur in our modern-day […]

Episode 73 – Entrepreneur’s Eve w/Sam Beer & David Saba

This week Jean & Jeff sit down with Sam Beer of Corner Office NYC and David Saba of Compass. They break down what it takes to be a entrepreneur in today’s market, Sam discusses how Corner Office NYC supports all entrepreneurs & freelancers around the city. The gentlemen let us know about upcoming event on […]

Episode 72 – Let's talk Health & Culture with Kevito Clark

This week on the Podcast, Jean & Jeff sit down with writer & entrepreneur Kevito Clark. . We talk about his journey while waiting for a kidney transplant. Kevin discusses mental health advocacy in the community, The stigma of men going to the doctor & more. This is a must listen! Share with anyone who […]

Episode 71 – The Young and Restless

Daniel Hazan is the youngest sport agent in the history of the sport representation field and once you meet him you will be captivated by his passion and realized just why he is so successfully. The episode will leave you yearning for more as Dan the Man tell it like it is and shares his […]

Episode 70 – 40 under 40 w/ Gary Coichy

On this weeks episode Jean & Jeff sit down with Gary Coichy of Pod Digital Media. Gary talks about how the importance of being consistent & what advertisers look for. We also congratulate Gary on his most recent accolade, you have to listen to find out….This is a great conversation enjoy the episode!  The Faith […]

Episode 69 – What are you really scared of?

On this weeks episode Jean & Jeffrey sit down and break down the concept of self sabotage as entrepreneurs. How to start thinking about the root of the behaviors of self sabotage.  They break down the “Get it done now” mentality. We hope this episode assist you & please share with anyone who is not […]

Episode 68 – Did someone say 3 Billion? A conversation w/Leonard Steinberg

This week’s guest is the quintessential business professional who inspires, and moreover he is the Chief Evangelist Officer for Compass Real Estate, a rapidly growing technological real estate company located around the world. Mr. Leonard Steinberg is actually responsible for over $3 billion in real estate transactions. His extensive and insightful knowledge as a Power […]