Fireside Chats Issue 282: All My Friends Are Imaginary

It’s a new day Firesiders! With a new dawn comes new challenges, new beginnings, new chances, and because it’s Wednesday, New News. That’s right Fireside Faithful, we have another newstastic issue filled to the rafters with comic related current events. Join Mendte, Maurer, and Features as they unpack Marvel Fresh Start, Black Panther’s numbers and […]

Fireside Chats Issue 281: Ten Years of the MCU

Ten years Firesiders! Ten marvelous years of Puny Gods, Tony Stanks, Frost Giants, and Stan the Man cameos. Join Mendte, Maurer, and Features as the relive the last decade of MCU gold by revisiting all 18 movies. The guys bring up their favorite memories, facts, and thoughts about each film. Revisit all three Phases and […]

Fireside Chats Issue 280: I Choose You Baby Huey

Rise and shine Firesiders! You know what time it is! Time for work most likely… sorry… that was a downer. But hey, at least you have us for the commute. Bringing you the Newest of the News from around the ComicSphere. So either on the way to the job, or the comic shop, join Mendte, […]

Fireside Chats Issue 279: Black Panther Breakdown

February 16th is right around the corner Firesiders. The King of Wakanda is about to change the silver screen forever. Before that happens, let’s talk Black Panther. Welcome to the first Fireside Breakdown, where Mendte, Maurer, and Features discuss the origins, powers, story arcs, and fun facts about anything comic related. Who better to start […]

Fireside Chats Issue 278: Where’s My Nunchuks?

Wednesday is upon us again, so rise Firesiders! Rise like the new questionable looking Turtles of Nickelodeon. It’s time for the newest news from around the ComicSphere. Mendte, Maurer, and Features are back with a plethora of comic topics to keep you up to date. From the new aforementioned Ninja Turtles show character designs, to […]

Fireside Chats Issue 277: Pete’s Basement Invades Fireside

It was inevitable our paths would cross Fireside Faithful. 10 years in the ComicSphere, and Pete’s Basement is still going strong. Pete’s NSFW comic talk show captures the feeling of hanging out in his basement like you were one of the boys. Mendte, Maurer, are Features are joined by Pete himself, straight from the Big […]