Fireside Chats Issue 373: Emergent Fireside

Still no Maurer Fireside Faithful, so that means there is one topic that’s no longer off limits… Video Games. Thats right Firesiders, Mendte and Features are back at Emergent Gamer Studios and joined by Felix Hergood to talk what 2019 will look like for us in the bagged and boarded community. What’s games are confirmed […]

EG Presents 199: In WoW's Backpack

In pink slipped episode 199, something's going on at Activision Blizzard. Either they're having the best year they've ever had or planning to weather an oncoming storm. Regardless, we discuss it. Also, Felix adds some context, Trip plays an oldie but newbie and Neo Aoshi gives a more studied analysis of Apex Legends. Subscribe to […]

Fireside Chats Issue 372: Some True OGs

Beep You! Ok I got one in here somewhere. Maurer is not here and it didn’t feel like the show was ready to post with out at least one. The show goes on Fireside Faithful, and Features and Mendte are ready to rise to the challenge. Joined by fellow OG podcast host Felix Hergood of […]

Fireside Chats Issue 371: Passing the Claws

We made it to the weekend Fireside Faithful! And before it truly gets going, let’s take a break and talk about what we all can’t wait for – the X-Men in the MCU… more importantly Wolverine! As we know, the hunt is on for Hugh Jackman’s replacement so that got us wondering, how are they […]

EG Presents 198: Like Ridiculously Easy

In reappropriated episode 198, our guest is Sleeping Flower and she takes back the word Weeaboo. She joins us to discuss her love of Kingdom Hearts and specify how she feels about Kingdom Hearts 3. There's minimal spoilers because we mostly talk mechanics but it was an enlightening discussion to say the least. Also, Felix […]

Fireside Chats 370: Phase Through This

Hello internets and Fireside Faithful! It’s Wednesday and we know what that means! New comics and new news! Yes Firesiders the tradition continues as Mendte, Maurer, and Feature take their posts and deliver a show for the ages… or par for the course… more likely the latter. Maurer breaks down what’s going down Doctor Strange […]

Fireside Chats Issue 369: Toying with Fire

Hello, Hello, hel…..(record scratch)..What’s going on Firesiders! It’s a whole new world here at Fireside Studio. Mendte and Features have been locked out and the guys from Toying Around have taken control of the booth. So join Mr. Maurer, Baby Huey, and Mashko as they introduce the Fireside Faithful to the world of Toying Around. […]

EG Presents 197: This is Me

In fully customizable episode 197, Locke, Felix, Trip and Neo Aoshi really unpack Anthem demo gameplay and Resident Evil 2 remake. We enjoyed both for different reasons. Also, Epic declares war on Steam. We hope they're just being dramatic. Please subscribe to Emergent Gamer @ We are also found on Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Fireside Chats Issue 368: Hashtag Murder Count

Welcome back Fireside Faithful! It’s Wednesday and With is come the traditional newest of the news (no matter what tone Features says it in). Leave the world behind for a bit and join as we escape to Earth 1 and 616 for a bit. Mendte is back with his loyal sidekicks Features and Maurer! Join […]

Fireside Chats Issue 367: Picked Last for Gym Class

Firesiders get you comic encyclopedia’s ready! You may need to do some research on this next round of B-List heroes. Mendte is still in misery so Mr. Maurer, P. Features, and Baby Huey talk B Team. With the success of Aquaman and excitement for Doom Patrol building the Fireside Crew asks the question. Are the […]