18: Episode 18 – Nicky Sunshine

How did a girl from suburban Virginia end up working at massage parlor giving 'happy endings?' Nicky Sunshine joins Justin this week discuss her journey in NYC and her new one woman show "Confessions of a Massage Parlor Madam."

16: Episode 16: Byron Cordero

This week, up-and-coming fashion writer Byron Cordero talks to Justin about the challenges of building career in NYC while trying to maintain a personal life.

15: Episode 15 – Michael Alago

How did a Puerto Rican kid from Hassidic Brooklyn grow up to help shape musical history? Michael Alago joins Justin this week to discuss his life in the music industry signing acts from Metallica to Nina Simone. Check out his amazing documentary on NETFLIX "Who The Fuck Is That Guy: The Fabulous Story of Michael […]

14: Episode 14 – Ms. Tobell Von Cartier

1990's New York was a vastly different place. Crime was high, the city was dirty, and Club Kids ruled nightlife. Tobell Von Cartier joins Justin to discuss her life in the club scene, why the scene ended, and her next chapter.

13: Episode 13 – Karol Markowicz

Is it a smart decision to raise children in New York City? Karol Markowicz  says, "YES!" Karol is a columnist for the NY Post and she joins Justin to discuss the many rewards and challenges of raising 3 kids in the city.