Episode 31 – Caitlin Cooke

This week, Justin welcomes actress and podcast host Caitlin Cooke on the show. They give their thoughts on attending weddings, taking Ubers, and Caitlin dives into her awkward dating past. Check Caitlin’s show Past Your Bedtime on the OG Podcast Network  https://www.ogpodcastnetwork.com/podcast/past-your-bedtime/

Episode 30 – Jason Nuckolls

Freelance editor and writer Jason Nuckolls joins Justin this week to talk about  moonlighting as writer for Hustler, dealing with construction scaffolding, and what he enjoys most about New York City.

Episode 29 – Ross Asdourian

Author and video producer Ross Asdourian joins Justin this week to discuss the time he broke his penis and then wrote a book about it. His debut book is called “Broken Bananah: Life, Love, and Sex Without a Penis.” You can purchase a copy on Amazon!

Episode 27 – Jason Greene

Blogger and “Modern Dad” Jason Greene joins Justin this week to discuss the life of a stay at home dad, the challenges/joys of raising kids in NYC, and what it means to be a “modern dad.” You can check out his blog at OneGoodDad.com

Episode 26 – Danielle Kaye

Actor, Activist, and podcast host Danielle Kaye joins Justin this week to discuss her struggles with ‘adutling,’ the perception of Millennials, and their shared love of cats.