Episode 12 – Liberty Devitto

You may not know his name… but his music is some of the most iconic in rock and roll history.  Juliet sits down for a chat with drumming legend Liberty Devitto, and hears how his ‘unceremonious’ parting from former band mate Billy Joel ended up being a blessing. 

Episode 11 – Abby Ellin

If you’ve watched or listened to Juliet over the years, you know her love life has been very “rollercoaster-y” as she likes to say.  After hearing the story of author and NY Times journalist Abby Ellin, Juliet’s met her match.  Hear how their stories of being “duped” by exes have changed their lives… and made […]

Episode 10 – Enter Shikari

They’re quickly becoming one of THE top bands in Europe.  British punk/rock/metal/electronic band Enter Shikari visited Stage 17.  Juliet shows you why they’re about to take America by storm. 

Episode 9 – La Loca

She’s one of the nation’s top hip-hop radio stars, known for her frank talk and sassy style.  Juliet didn’t have to go far to sit down with her Cumulus colleague, radio personality La Loca.  The women share their take on the one key element to breaking away from the pack, and becoming a star.  

Episode 8 – Rikki Rocket From Poison

He’s spent more than three decades rocking hard as the drummer for 80’s rock band Poison. Juliet chats with legendary drummer Rikki Rockett about touring with Cheap Trick, being a patriot, and living life after facing death.

Episode 7 – Michael Tolcher

You’ve heard his voice – but now it’s time to know his name.   His music has been on tv shows, he’s opened for some of the world’s biggest bands.   Who is this laid back, southern boy with an unexpected, big city vibe? Juliet Huddy introduces you to Michael Tolcher, the singer songwriter she […]

Episode 6 – Ralph Sutton

He’s the host of a dirty, sexy, hilarious “The SDR Show” – As in Sex, Drugs and RockNRoll.  He’s also a sort of unofficial cruise director on the rockstar-studded fan cruise “ShipRocked”.  Juliet sits down with her pal Ralph Sutton – a guy who knows a thing or two about making his dreams come true. […]

Episode 5 – Don Jamieson

If you’re a metal fan…you know him.  As host of VH1’s “The Metal Show”, Comedian Don Jamieson has become one of the most familiar faces in front of – not only comedy club audiences but festival crowds as well – getting fans riled up (and cracked up).  He unexpectedly popped into Juliet’s life a few […]

Episode 3 – Dylan Gadino

By day, they’re Dads. Directors. Doctors. But come nightfall, in the dark and dingy clubs of New York City, they turn into raging metal heads. Juliet introduces you to Dylan Gadino, the electric frontman for NJ’s Robots And Monsters – on they eve of the band’s latest release. Find out why, superstardom isn’t everyone’s dream.

Episode 2 – Michael Alago

He played a key role in New York’s legendary 70’s and 80’s Rock and Metal scene. Juliet Huddy gets personal with Michael Alago; the subject of a provocative Netflix documentary and the guy who signed a band you might’ve heard of… Metallica!