Mary Guiliani

If you grow up in an Italian spaghetti eating family, in an all Jewish neighborhood, what happens? You become like Mary Giuliani, event planner and caterer to the stars! 

Jill Abramson

Former Executive Editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson, is telling us all about the industry and her being shown the door at the famous newspaper! 

Lisa Lillien

A young, hungry woman has climbed her way to the top, not because she was a famous cook, but because she wanted to eat and not have the repercussions of gaining weight. Lisa Lillien is now extremely well known in the food world and her new book will have you cooking delicious meals with 6 […]

Dave Williams

 Inside the head and heart of a astronaut. What is it really like to be tethered to a space vehicle while being all alone? Dave Williams tells all about his life experiences! 

Rocco DiSpirito

He is a famous chef, television personality, and cookbook author; guess whose back?! Rocco DiSpirito returns to the kitchen at the Standard Hotel and is already getting raving reviews! 

George and Charles Kolber

 What happens when two families are fleeing from oppression, find themselves in Shanghai, China, and their paths cross. Stranger than fiction, Thrown Upon the World will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dan Gasby and Alex Lerner

What happens when your long-term partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness? Dan Gasby, who has been married to Barbara Smith for 27 years, has been getting a lot of good and bad press due to a new relationship with Alex Lerner. Is he entitled to be with someone else during this time? You will […]

Martha Stewart

One of the most powerful life forces of women, Martha Stewart,  has a new book and it is fabulous! “The Martha Manual” is a book that everyone must have and she tells Joan all. 

Dr. Dean & Anne Ornish

The best of the best physicians, Dr. Dean Ornish and his wife Anne, stops by to break down all those serious medical conditions that actually can be stopped! Dr. Ornish has done extradoniary medical research over the years, and gives us the most important information about health.

Jada Yuan

Traveling the world for your job? Who wouldn’t find that appealing?! Joan sits down with Jada and covers 52 of the world most thirlling destinations she has visited in a year.