Episode 36 -The Broadway of Vaginas!

The girls are back from their vacations with some crazy stories! Andrea details her time in the red light district and at a LIVE SEX SHOW?! Sorry mom! Also, what happened when Caitlin almost got sick at a magic show in Vegas? Plus the girls talk about some aggressive European men and answer listener questions […]

Episode 35 – Just A Casual Mid-Twenties Crisis! (With Sabrina Boehlke)

This week, Andrea’s sister Sabrina stops by and the girls try to help her through her mid-twenties crisis of having about 30 random careers! They all detail their most traumatic childhood experiences, and we find out someone was put in a straight jacket as a kid, someone was prone to peeing her pants, and someone […]

Episode 34 – It Goes Down In The DM (With Nick Kocher)

Writer and comedian Nick Kocher stops by this week with some hilarious stories! He talks about when he grabbed the wrong tux on the plane heading to the Emmys, why DMs (and negging) are apparently a catchy way to meet him, and how he ended up writing for shows like “SNL” and “It’s Always Sunny […]

Episode 33 – A Man On A Mission (With Chris Noble)

This week the girls sit down with Chris Noble from “Survivor: Ghost Island!” They cover a lot – from high school superlatives, a man’s request for someone’s worn bra, to whether or not they hold grudges from Survivor! Chris also opens up about his mom’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis and the bike ride he’s organizing […]

Episode 31 – Manifest Your Life! (With Life Coach Amber Shirley)

Great news! Life apparently gets better in your 30s and the girls are thrilled to hear it from life coach Amber Shirley! They discuss how they’ve dealt with things like depression and anxiety and Amber shares the amazing story about how she manifested her boyfriend! We learn Caitlin sleeps with a knife in her room […]