Episode 57 – What Do You Do?!

The girls delve into the age-old question “what do you do?” Do we love it or hate it?! They also discuss where they look when talking to someone, and in a HUGE TURN OF EVENTS, are sad to report they are taking a “spring break” from the podcast. In honor of this departing episode they […]

Episode 56 – Love Is A Swipe Away! (With David Yarus)

This week, J-Swipe founder David Yarus stops by to help the girls wade through tricky dating topics like ghosting, DTR (defining the relationship…yikes) and phone etiquette. How long should you wait to text after a date… and what?! Also, what inspired David to create his “Jewish Tinder” app? Lastly, what happened when Andrea met her doppelgänger?

Episode 55 – You Have To Feel It All (With Ashley Kate Adams)

Friend of the show Ashley Kate Adams stops by to share how she turned a Broadway setback into her producing dreams!  She also opens up about losing her dad suddenly, and tells the inspiring ways she’s been able to remember him and rise above the grief. We love you, Ashley Kate!

Episode 54 – The Pursuit Of Happiness (With Emily Fletcher)

Founder of Ziva Meditation and author Emily Fletcher talks about how she went from going grey at 26 while being unhappy on Broadway, to finding peace and happiness with meditation. She’s now taught over 15,000 people how to meditate and ease anxiety and depression. Listen to learn some insane benefits of this practice and what […]

Episode 53 – Sweet Queso Vibes (With Jay Starrett & Rob Tini)

Friends Jay Starrett and Rob Tini join the girls this week to chat their experiences on MTV’s “Ex on the Beach” and how it went living with exes and THEIR exes in a house with no phones, what it’s like handling depression and privacy on reality tv, & everyone discusses their dating deal breakers! 

Episode 52 – Having A Yak With Alex Mack! (With Larisa Oleynik)

Actress Larisa Oleynik stops by this week and talks about growing up in the spotlight in cult classics like “The Secret World of Alex Mack” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” Andrea somehow kissed a stranger on the train? The girls also discuss crying in public, thoughts on psychics, and Larisa’s connection to Martha […]

Episode 51 – Manifesting After The Million (With Michele Fitzgerald)

“Survivor” winner Michele Fitzgerald stops by this week to chat about manifesting goals, getting past some of the backlash she got after winning Survivor, why she likes dating Survivor boys, and her former life as a hippie with dreadlocks! The girls also try to figure out what the heck their hobbies are… seriously. 

Episode 50 – “You Think My Friend Is Hot!” (With Karen Cooke)

In a very special episode, Caitlin’s mom stops by! Karen Cooke reveals some of Caitlin’s most embarrassing moments, one involving Justin Timberlake! Andrea and Karen share stories of how their exes burned their belongings, yikes. Also find out which celebrity was mean to Andrea, and hear Karen’s secret on how to reach 100 years old!