S1-E5- To the Moon!

On the 5th episode of Pop Culture Meltdown, Lou Pellegrino & Chris Libertini discuss Henry Cavill Superman rumors and at 1:30 John Batchelor talks baseball, imagination, & lunar dust.

S1-E4- The Scully Effect

Pop Culture Meltdown’s 4th Episode hosted by Chris Libertini and Lou Pellegrino talks the Scully effect/X-Files, week 2 in the NFL with Sid Rosenberg from WABC (@14:52), and Lou reveals iconic TV shows he hasn’t watched.

S1-E3- Pluto is a Planet

On the third episode of Pop Culture Meltdown; Chris Libertini & Lou Pellegrino talk Star Wars(@:46) , have a very revealing bite with John Batchelor (@9:10), and blame Superman for the position of Pluto in the galaxy (@21:42)  

S1-E2- The Second One

The second episode of Pop Culture Meltdown totally happened. Chris Libertini and Lou Pellegrino honor Burt Reynolds and celebrate his life, plus a special anniversary for He-Man! Guest is: Adam Glyn @adamglyn talking Eminem & Louis CK @ 16:38 and This is Florida segment @ 29:54

E1-S1- We finally did it!

On the premiere episode of Pop Culture Meltdown, Chris Libertini and Lou Pellegrino talk the Joker, HBO & more! Guests are: Sid Rosenberg on the NFL @ 7:31 John Batchelor about Google Analytics @ 14:10 Social Influencer @CoachFerber Jason Ferber @ 30:02


This is the trailer! Stay tuned for the first episode September 5, 2018!