S2-E22- Chucky & Darth Vader

It’s season 2- It’s episode 22! We are that DRIP, you know? Chris & Lou talk Chucky’s new voice, Darth Vader was misunderstood and surrounded by MORONS, the new Bill Murray/Adam Driver zombie movie, Mick Jagger’s heath, and The Cure are back! Plus, This is Florida!


It’s S2 E21 of Pop Culture Meltdown! Chris & Lou get Robo-called and it sux! Cardi B resembles Bill Cosby & not cause she used to be a comedian! Plus Umbrella Academy & more! Pop culture running thru our veins! Enjoy our latest podcast!

S2-E20- A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour

It’s S2-E20 of the Pop Culture Meltdown- it’s the REAL thing! Chris & Lou talk Marvel’s ENDGAME being 3 hours long! How do you handle it? Plus Jordan Peele is dominating life and the horror genre right meow. Jordan Peele, so hot right now. Dr Dre is living in a glass house, throwing stones– and […]

S2-E19- Up Schitt's Creek

Down our street and up yours, it’s Pop Culture Meltdown S2-E19! Checking Our brackets, Chris & Lou drop 3’s all episode with Bill & Ted 3, John Wick 3, & Stranger Things Season 3! Important Schitt’s Creek news- Plus Airwolf, Jan Michael Vincent, the best TV theme song, and the importance of the mall!

S2-E18- Mylo is better than Yourlo

The thrill of victory, the agony of Pop Culture Meltdown S2 E18! Chris and Lou speak with MYLO THE CAT aka Adam Schleichkorn, that dude that does those Muppet and Cartoon mashups. Talking old school rap, cartoons, social media, viral videos and so much more! Plus the premiere of the new PCM game Pro’s or […]

S2-E17- The Quintessential Gambini

It’s time to be dead-on-balls-accurate with S2-E17 of Pop Culture Meltdown! Chris & Lou celebrate the 27 year anniversary of My Cousin Vinny. Your favorite scenes, quotes, and case crackers! Plus cock ring Go Pro’s & someone actually forgot their baby at the airport!!!

S2-E16- Captain Marvel & Creed 2 & more!

Have a break, have a Pop Culture Meltdown with S2 E16! Chris and Lou talk Captain Marvel and how amazingly good it was!  Plus a Creed 2 breakdown and the Lori Laughlin college acceptance scandal! It’s another awesome episode of PCM! ENJOY!

S2-E15- Desperation is a stinky cologne.

S2-E15- Pop Culture Meltdown sounds good like a podcast should. R Kelly melts-down talking to Gale King and Chris and Lou try to sort thru the madness.  Plus light saber duels are all the rage in France and so much more! TGIF!

S2-E14- It's written all over your underwear

You give us 29 minutes, we’ll give you the world on S2-E13 of Pop Culture Meltdown with Chris Libertini & Lou Pellegrino! Remembering what Luke Perry meant to pop culture & more, and the passing of King Kong Bundy. Plus The Game of Thrones trailer is here, and holy Whitewalker this is gonna be good! 

S2-E13- Wherever There's Trouble, We're there on the double

S2-E13 of Pop Culture Meltdown, does exactly what it says on the tin! Chris and Lou talk news of the reunion of 90210 and the sad sudden stroke of Luke Perry. Plus Star Wars news! Topher Grace did a really awesome trailer of the Star Wars story and George Lucas is consulting on the new […]