Episode 29 – Bill Schulz

He’s a liberal who hangs out with Ann Coulter and hosts a morning show that’s kind of like what would happen if Good Morning America had a baby with Howard Stern, circa 1995.  And oh yeah, he’s also a former Fox News’er.  And though, like Juliet, he left under less than pleasant circumstances, Bill Schulz […]

Episode 28 – Big Dad Ritch, Frontman of Texas Hippie Coalition

What’s “Red Dirt Metal”?  Juliet sits down with the musician who exemplifies the term.  Big Dad Ritch, frontman for “Texas Hippie Coalition” talks about everything from Brooklyn hipsters to his “hall pass” (hint: she’s part of “Fleetwood Mac”).  And about politics… well listen and enjoy! 

Episode 26 – Jet Set Juliet: Venice

In this special Jet Set Juliet edition of Juliet: UNEXPECTED, just in time for summer vacation planning, Juliet hones in on one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Europe.  Listen as she gives you the inside scoop on this magical Italian city, with tips on everything from how best to get from […]

Episode 25 – My Ties to Roger

There have been lots of rumors over the years about Juliet and her ties to the late FOX executive, Roger Ailes.  After seeing an erroneous story over the weekend, she’s finally speaking out.  Hear the real story behind her familial ties to one of the most controversial men in media history.  

Episode 24 – Jet Set Juliet: River Cruises

Juliet’s already given you great insider tips on traveling to Southern Europe, as well as how to pick the best cruise.  This time, she’s sticking with cruising…only on the more intimate river cruise lines.  So come aboard!

Episode 23 – Matt Byrne

He’s arguably one of the best rock drummers on the planet.  Juliet sits down with her old friend, Hatebreed drummer Matt Byrne to talk touring, beer and…love?!?  Enjoy! 

Episode 22 – Comedian Jessica Kirson

Juliet met her back in 2007… and since then, her career has blown up.  Not only is she killing it on the comedy circuit, she’s also acting and producing.  Juliet sits down with the talented, hilarious comic, Jessica Kirson.

Episode 20 – Special: Juliet's Travel Tips

Juliet discovered Europe late in the game. But now she makes it a point to visit at least a few times a year. In this episode, Juliet takes you inside her journey journal, giving listeners her one secret for making your vacation the best it can be. What is it? Listen..