Episode 45 – Calling On FOX NEWS To Do The Right Thing

Women and men across TV news are calling on their former employers to let them out of restrictive, unfair “NDA’s”.  As someone who lost her TV career after accusing former FOX NEWS star Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment, Juliet joins the ever-growing chorus, and explains why.   

Episode 42 – Heavy Metal's “Damn Your Eyes” Opens Up

They’re four guys with extensive music pasts – and lots of stories to tell.  “Damn Your Eyes” Artie Alexander & Kenny Vincent sit down with Juliet for a candid talk about what brought them together – wrapping it up with an intense acoustic performance.  

Episode 41 – Jet Set Juliet: Miami – My Hometown

She’s back with another Jet Set Juliet edition of “Juliet: UNEXPECTED”.  This time, we’re heading south, to an area close to her heart: Miami, Florida, Juliet’s hometown.  From sunbathing on South Beach to dancing the night away at the landmark “Forge” supper club, Juliet will give you a personal tour of some of her favorite […]

Episode 40 – Why you don't respect me anymore

You may have noticed – Juliet gets a lot of flak from former fans, wondering how she went from Trump pal to Trump critic; Fox News host to Fox cynic.  She brings in her longtime best friend and former Fox News colleague Gina Cirrito to help explain… 

Episode 39 – Bobby and April Black: Vacationing for Pot-Lovers

On this episode of Juliet: UNEXPECTED, Juliet enters the budding (pun intended) world of legalized marijuana.  She talks with a dynamic married duo, who took their fondness for weed and turned it into a business.  Hear how Bobby and April Black take Americans on “Cannabis Vacations” with their company “Higher Way Travel”…enjoy! 

Episode 38 – Mikey Kay: What Our Closest Ally Really Thinks of America

British Filmmaker and Journalist Mikey Kay is back.  This time, to give us his take on what’s happening in America during these increasingly bitter days.  And he gives it to us from a uniquely British perspective.  Are the Brits losing their love for the United States of America, and if so, why?  That, plus updates […]

Episode 37 – Jet Set Juliet: New York City

Saving money?  Thinking about traveling to America from overseas?  Whatever your travel plans – Juliet takes you to one of her favorite cities.  It’s the place she’s lived longer than any town in her life:  The Big Apple.  On this special Jet Set Juliet:  MY NYC edition of Juliet: UNEXPECTED.