Episode 38 – Mikey Kay: What Our Closest Ally Really Thinks of America

British Filmmaker and Journalist Mikey Kay is back.  This time, to give us his take on what’s happening in America during these increasingly bitter days.  And he gives it to us from a uniquely British perspective.  Are the Brits losing their love for the United States of America, and if so, why?  That, plus updates […]

Episode 37 – Jet Set Juliet: New York City

Saving money?  Thinking about traveling to America from overseas?  Whatever your travel plans – Juliet takes you to one of her favorite cities.  It’s the place she’s lived longer than any town in her life:  The Big Apple.  On this special Jet Set Juliet:  MY NYC edition of Juliet: UNEXPECTED.    

Episode 36- Jet Set Juliet's Cruising: Ports of Disappointment

Many of us love cruising but…sometimes our itineraries aren’t what we expected.  Whether it’s long drives, disappointing locations or just a lack of exciting options – there are lots of things that can throw a real damper on your vacation.  Juliet tells us how to prepare yourselves so you’re aware of where you’re actually going […]

Episode 34 – Marissa Orr

Are you having problems figure out how to navigate your office’s ‘politics’? It’s especially difficult for those of us whose personalities don’t quite fit the traditional ‘corporate structure’. Author Marissa Orr (“Lean Out”) sits down with Juliet to talk about why women in particular need to stop trying to be something they’re not in the […]

Episode 30 – CHLOE

She was part of that epic Florida “wave” including Justin, Britney, Christina… A powerful voice, a maturity beyond her years.   Now, after touring with everyone from Yanni to Trans Siberian Orchestra – it’s time for this Florida girl to step into the solo spotlight.  Juliet wants you all to meet the ingenue with the […]

Episode 30 – Jet Set Juliet: London Like a Local

Juliet’s back with another Jet Set Juliet travel edition. This time, it’s “London Like A Local”.  She has your must-see sites, coolest neighborhoods to visit, and why you should go the AirBnB route… plus more insider tips and guidance to make your visit a take above the usual tourist trip.  Enjoy!  

Episode 29 – Bill Schulz

He’s a liberal who hangs out with Ann Coulter and hosts a morning show that’s kind of like what would happen if Good Morning America had a baby with Howard Stern, circa 1995.  And oh yeah, he’s also a former Fox News’er.  And though, like Juliet, he left under less than pleasant circumstances, Bill Schulz […]