Getting To The Bottom Of NOTHING

Coffee, tea, two friends and a lot going on in the world… and they get to the bottom of NON OF IT! Nathan is joined by Kase Raso to talk Hereditary, and the rescued soccer players from a cave. Check it! @kaseraso @nathanmacintosh

One Star

WHO decides to make an ENTIRE LIFE out of judging what other people do? Nathan is joined by The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng to try and figure it out. Check it! @ronnychieng @nathanmacintosh

The Story Of Likes

Is there NO civility online? Does ANYONE care about what is going on on social media? Is EVERYONE who has tons of followers a hero? And Drake album with the good doctor @davemerheje! Check it out, share it, post it! @davemerheje @nathanmacintosh

Kids In Cages w/ Jon Laster

Don’t know how much more needs to be explained after the title, but kids are being separated at the border from their families. No matter where you stand, it’s not good. Nathan is joined by Jon Laster to talk about it. And TRY to bring humour. Check it! @hewasfunny @nathanmacintosh

Getting Decked Up! W/ Jared Freid

When a deck designer (not technical term) stands Jared Freid, it starts a WHOLE conversation about being on time, lying online, why society won’t let you call out people anymore, and of course, decks. Check it out! @jtrain56 @nathanmacintosh