I'm Not Dead!

NATHAN IS NOT DEAD! After a month hiatus, he explains going to the Royal Rumble, performing on the Tonight Show, and being sick for both. Check it! @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com Comedy Cellar Las Vegas Mar 11th-17th Gotham Comedy Club Mar 29th and 30th

Some Thursday Thoughts

McDonalds in the WHITE HOUSE for a FORMAL DINNER. What a time. Talking this and responding to an email about an open relationship gone wrong. Check it! positiveanger@mail.com nathanmacintosh.com @nathanmacintosh

My Morals Are Telling Me No…

From huge songs, to allegations, to more huge songs, and back to crazy stories coming out, the story of R. Kelly is a crazy one. Talking ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ which is really something. positiveanger@mail.com @nathanmacintosh nathan macintosh.com

'Let Me Be Fucked'

Oh man! Kevin Spacey thought making a video in character kind of alluding to his real life drama would be a good idea and then BAM! New allegations come out which are taking him to court. What are those allegations? Sexually assaulting an 18 year old who TOLD HIM he was 23… in Nantucket… seems […]

Christmas 2 And A Convo

Christmas 2! The day after Christmas when Christmas is still very much a thing. After a podcast recording goes to high hell, Nathan talks leaving social media for 24 hours, and offending some audience members that lead to a talk after the show. Not everything is funny! Check it positiveanger@mail.com @nathanmacintosh nathan macintosh.com

Who Gets Gifts? W/ @gregstone_

It’s Christmas time! Only a FEW DAYS LEFT to figure out which family members to avoid and decide who gets gifts? Do certain people get a gift or just a straight ‘UGATZ!’ to the eyes? It’s a Christmas party with ‘Rad Dude Podcast’s Greg Stone! Check it out @gregstone_ @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com positiveanger@mail.com

You've never said ANYTHING bad?!

It took Nathan YEARS to figure it out, but Christmas will ALWAYS BE GOOD if he doesn’t go home. Families can be nuts! How are you with yours around the holidays? And KEVIN HART no longer hosting the Oscars because of tweets. Is there ANYONE who hasn’t said something bad at some point? ANYone?! What […]

Dunkin Doesn't Care About Porn W/ @davemerheje

Starbucks is BANNING porn on their wifi because MONSTERS won’t stay off of it? And ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is a song that flys in the face of the #metoo movement? This and fun with Dave Merheje! @nathanmacintosh positiveanger@mail.com @davemerheje nathanmacintosh.com

Island Jesus

‘Jesus loves you!’ he yelled before he was arrowed in the chest… Converting a tribe onto christianity is not a good idea! One man on a remote island found out the worst way possible. Why do some people need you to believe what they believe? Why lead with ‘Jesus love you’? Check it! @nathanmacintosh positiveanger@mail.com

What Are We Doing

It’s been two weeks! And in that time? MANY things have happened. So what gets talked about here? How 2018 is amazingly fragile and everyone is sensitive towards everything. And happy thanksgiving! @nathanmacintosh positiveanger@mail.com