Men’s Sandals Should Be Banned

If you’re a man who smells like a foot but complaining women want too much? No. Sydnee Washington comes on to talk this, porn, women fighting patriarchy and of course… men’s sandals. Check it out!

Me, Myself And Percocet

Future has been right this whole time! After an INSANE wisdom tooth extraction turns into a 3 hour ordeal, Nathan met an old friend he didn’t now he had. Percocet. What a party! And also horrifying. He’s joined by Rosebud Baker to talk drugs, teeth, floating dentists and addictions.

Financial Talk In A Manatee Zone

Andrew Collin is from the state rated the WORST to live in, THE WORST. He explains why that doesn’t make any sense. The word Manatee is thrown around and he talks selling land for a bunch of money, buying a condo and then the financial crisis of 2008 sent him back to buying taquitos at […]

Running From Demons Since 1972

Wrestlemania 29 happened right in these mens backyard and they went. Elbow dropping chips, wooooing and screaming at the night. Nathan and Casey talk that night, T Diddy being inducted, Rock maybe running for office, which wrestler would be the best President, and what could possibly make someone be a wrestler, movie star AND politician. […]

Why Would Quincy Lie?

Quincy Jones said a BUNCH of things in an interview that people didn’t like and a #metoo assembly woman from California was accused of groping two men while drunk. Aren’t we supposed to respect our elders? If you’re apart of #metoo can YOU be grabbing people? Kerry Coddett is with Nathan to talk this, not […]

We Have The Answers!

Could YOU have performed a better half time show? President of PepsiCo MENTIONS marketing differently to women and LADY DORITOS trends for a full day? And where’s Janet?! Nathan is joined by Darrin Rose to GIVE YOU THE ANSWERS!* *Thoughts about things told in a funny way @nathanmacintosh @darrinrose Email –