What Are We Doing

It’s been two weeks! And in that time? MANY things have happened. So what gets talked about here? How 2018 is amazingly fragile and everyone is sensitive towards everything. And happy thanksgiving! @nathanmacintosh positiveanger@mail.com

Now You're At The Bottom Of The Ocean! W: @Rosebudbaker

High School never stops, and if you’re on the outside and something goes wrong? You are screwed! Talking this because of Making A Murderer (which is also talked about) and judging people by their eyes w/ Rosebud Baker! Check it! #JazzRant about Alec Baldwin punching people @rosebudbaker @nathanmacintosh nathan macintosh.com

Ginger Halloween

People STILL wondering about whether or not they can wear blackface for Halloween, and the GINGER EMOJI IS OUT SO GET EXCITED RED HEADS…. Ugh. Check it out! nathanmacintosh.com @nathanmacintosh positiveanger@mail.com

Dumpster Behind Wendy's

Trapped in a hotel room AGAIN! (Not really TRAPPED but here we are) Talking stocks dropping, bankers calling to BECOME FRIENDS while REALLY wanting more money, and insecurities. Check it out! positiveanger@mail.com nathan macintosh.com

Murder Inn 2

And ONCE AGAIN, a Murder Inn has been stayed in. Water covering a hallway floor, chain link fence all around the place, floating objects in the pool. MURDER INN is back, just in time for Halloween. Check it! @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com positiveanger@mail.com

Convertibles And Kavanaugh

Where would Nathan be if he just let go? Where are any of us going playing this weird game that’s supposed to make us rich? Why would someone want a job that 50 wanted them to have but 48 didn’t? Talking Kavanaugh, Serpents, and abortion with the Statue Of Liz-erty, B! @itslizheather lizheather.com @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com

16 Mandles!

So MAN, an email is sent in and while answering it, Rosebud Baker and Nathan are GRAPHIC BEYOND REPAIR….. But it’s fun! And graphic. And singing! Check it out! positiveanger@mail.com @nathanmacintosh @rosebudbaker

Bert Your Ernie

Recapping an 18 hour travel day birthday and talking a writer saying he believes Bert and Ernie are gay. That is this episode. Yes. All of it. positiveanger@mail.com @nathanmacintosh nathanmacintosh.com

Bouncing Around W/ James Mattern

Woah daddy! There is a lot of non fun out there, and this episode is about fun. James got to host the roast of Bruce Prichard and be around a ton of wrestlers and the convo goes from there. And as the title suggests, it’s some bouncing around. @james_mattern @nathanmacintosh positiveanger@mail.com