We Playin' Catch-Up

It’s so sad that we don’t get to see each other everyday anymore, but when we do, it is the absolute best. Here is an update on where we are, what we are doing and everything in between. Cheers to friendships like these!!! 

90's Nostalgia

The 90’s are backk babbbyyyyy! Fashion, music, movies, you name it. Catch us in our Filas and of course, wine.  

House Hoarders

One of us has some trouble throwing away her things. Next time: let’s get her on hoarders! What we will never throw out: coffee and cocktails! Cheers.


After an emotional few weeks, we are back!! We reminisce on PLJ and the new paths we are on. With all the changes going on, not only in our job world, but our personal world, one thing will always stay constant – our friendship. (cheesy, I know, we love it). Big thank you to all […]

They say it's ya birthday!!! Anothaaa one

Our sweet Annie celebrated her birthday over Memorial Day Weekend. One of us tried to bribe family members to clean their room and the three of us hit the town for the PLJ Farewell Party in the city. It’s unofficially officially summer! Kick back and enjoy 🙂 

Annie's Honky Tonk Adventure

Does getting older make it a little harder to hang?! Annie and her besties took there annual GIRLS TRIP to **drum roll** Nashville!! Hold onto your hats we’re talkin’ food, booze, music and honky tonk alley. YEEEHAAAAW 

Summer Goals!

Summer is the perfect time to get your act together. So, what is on your list?! We have a couple things we need to accomplish or try – and let’s just say, we are all pretty opposite! Cheers to anything and everything that sets your soul on fire!!! 

Happy MAMAS Day!

We would be lost without our Moms; they are absolute beautiful souls and we are blessed to have them. We are who we are because of them. Cheers to all the Mother’s out there! 

We Have Some Changes Coming…

All three of us have a change around the corner and we need to vent about itttt! Sometimes change can be hard, which is why we have each other…and alcohol! CHEERS!!