Sibling Rivalry

Why is it the people we argue with the most, are the people we love the deepest? Family, friends, siblings? Have we ever crossed the line with our siblings? Have you? It’s Monday and we are starting your week off with some family drammaaaa!

Let’s Play Dress Up

The ROCAC ladies get a litttttlllee more personal during this episode. Everyone has their own style in the bedroom, but does the style of clothing ever get interesting? Or maybe you spice it up, literally, with hot sauce?! Yes – you read that correctly. We probably should of pre-gamed this episode and then drank after […]

Got Soaped

One of our gals was babysitting, when one of the little ones wouldn’t stop saying the F bomb! She had to make the difficult decision on how to put a stop to this. Soooooooooo…she soaped him! Just a little dab on his mouth. The big question, was this the right move? You tell us! Pour […]

Gender Reveals – Yay or Nay?!

It’s a trend that has spread like wildfireee – gender reveals!! Revealing the sex of your future baby is fun and exciting, but is it overplayed? What truly is the point and would you want one of your own? We break it all downnnnnn.

All The Single Ladies

Are dating apps the only realistic place to meet people nowadays? Or are you a hopeless romantic, waiting to be swept off your feet? Well, one of our ladies is single ready to mingle and we try to set her up on a dating app….will she go for it?

Gym Rats

The biggest love-hate relationship of them all – the gym! Everything is “healthy, healthy, healthy”24/7 and we are tired of it! Give us our cake and skedaddle!