Mile High Club

We are looking to add one of us to the mile high club…..kidding (maybe)! But, we are talking our first trips with our lovers and how it all went down!

It's Lovers Day!!!

Valentines Day : love it or hate it? We break down what we are doing on this “holiday” and who is going to gettttttt down! 

The Root Of Evil : Body Image

We all have something we would change about ourselves, right?! We break down body imagine in every way possible. The good, the bad, and the crazy expectations! 

Jetman Is In The House

The legendary, one of a kind, JETMAN, is joining us in-studio for an unfiltered powow!!!  We cover football, tailgating, women getting crazy when they drink, and more! This was so fun, we hope you enjoy it! 

Feel The Music

We are taking it waaayyyy back to our FIRST concerts. Reminicing on some good times, while making a list of who we plan on seeing next!! 

Baby Michael's First Words!!

The moment every new mom waits for…it has finally happened!!! Annie fills us gals in on his first words, but she doesn’t seem too thrilled….

Never Have To Pay Again

We played an interesting game, and we want you to join us! It involved us making some tough decisions and we hope this can be real life one day. Grab your coffee, your wine, your tequila (we don’t judge) and have some laughs. Cheers! 

We Deserve A Plaque

Us ladies are playing matchmaker and if it works out, we deserve something in return!!! A plaque maybe..?! But what if the set-ups fail….stay tuned.

Message To Our Younger Self

We always says, “if I would’ve known then what I know now…”. Well, what if you were able to talk to your younger self today – what exactly would you say? But – how would you tie all that great advice together, and narrow it down to only 2 words. Hear our answers and how we […]