Jill Abramson

Former Executive Editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson, is telling us all about the industry and her being shown the door at the famous newspaper! 

Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter

If you have experienced a personal loss or serious illness or lost your career or problems with your kids, what gives you the strength to keep on going? Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter prove that everyone has “The Stuff”. 

Episode 43 – Travel is my Therapy w/ Swalé

On this weeks episode Jean sits down with Swalé. Swalé breaks down why he loves to travel & how it helps his creativity in business. He breaks down how travel is a form of therapy.  The meaning of Swalé & why he trademarked his name. This is a great conversation & it will inspire you to […]

Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni, Op Ed page columnist for The NY Times, takes on the college admission scandal revealing a rigged system that caters to the haves and turns backs on the have-nots. 

Lester Hyman

Washington Insider reveals his coming of age with John F Kennedy as his mentor. Inside stories about the Kennedy’s, and their family and friends in his Lester Hyman’s new book, “JFK: The Kennedy’s and Me”.