Episode 78 – The Chicken Kitchen Chronicles w/ Michael Vann

“The Chicken Kitchen Chronicles” — This week we take you on an unexpected journey into the world of soul food. Micheal Vann is not only a great restauranteur, but he’s a leader for all those looking to be great entrepreneurs. Listen to how you can create a business that will have a brand that will […]

Episode 77 – Catching a Break with Torah Bontrager

This week you better hang on to your seat, because Torah Bontrager, the Executive Director of The Amish Heritage Foundation is going to blow you away with her entrepreneurial story. She tells why being a 9-to-5er doesn’t really work for her and how and why she escaped from her Amish community to live out her […]

Truth Hurts

Kids are are the best because they are always so honest with you. Also, kids are the worst because they are always so honest with you. We just can’t win. What has your kid said that was brutally honest?! Pour yaself some wine, coffee can’t heal hurtful words, but wine can! 

We Have A Special Guest….

Please welcome….drum-roll…. MELONY TORRES!!!!!  The one and only came to the studio to record and it. was. awesome. Totally unfiltered, totally relatable, and totally FUN. Cheers to reconnecting with friends!