Episode 17 – Stem Cells and Alzheimer's

Chief executive officer and co-founder of The New York Stem Cell Foundation, Susan Solemen, sit down with Dan and Alex to discuss Stem Cells and Alzheimer’s. The conversation branches off into recognizing symptoms and the effects of bullying. 

Episode 16 – Reflection & Forgiveness

This week Dan & Alex spend time on reflection and discussing forgiveness.  Dan receives a letter from his friend Lisa Genova, author of the book “Still Alice”.  Lisa holds a PhD neuroscience from Harvard University and her book is about a 50-year old woman’s sudden descent into early onset Alzheimer’s.

Episode 15 – Importance of Caregiving

Dan & Alex recap their appearance on CBS This Morning and discuss the message they are trying to provide about caregiving, just how important it is and the challenges that come with.  Also joining the show this week is Ed Devoe, EVP of Burton Trend Public Affairs and policy advisor to the New Jersey Cannabis […]

Episode 13 – Overcoming Challenges

Dan & Alex are joined by former NFL player Ben Utecht and Jillian Capadecia, professor in the urology department at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Each discuss the different challenges they have faced in their lives and different careers and how they navigated to overcome.

Episode 12 – Brain Health & Treatment

Dan and Alex the work from the American Brain Foundation and all they’ve been doing to find cures for brain diseases.  This week they are joined by Gina Belafonte, the daughter of the legendary Harry Belafonte.

Episode 11 – Caregiving & Brain Health

This week Dan and Alex are joined by Brian McCourt, the CEO of The Able Network, discussing what The Able Network does and caregiving.  Dr. Michael Weiner of The Brain Health Registry also joins the show.

Episode 9 – Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz joins Dan & Alex to discuss Alzheimer’s, caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease and caring for yourself.

Episode 7 – Looking Back on 2018

B’s further decline & the seizures, my Dad’s sickness & death in Germany. Caregiving, the importance of being active, good sleep and we start to address the race component.