Episode 11 – Caregiving & Brain Health

This week Dan and Alex are joined by Brian McCourt, the CEO of The Able Network, discussing what The Able Network does and caregiving.  Dr. Michael Weiner of The Brain Health Registry also joins the show.

Episode 9 – Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz joins Dan & Alex to discuss Alzheimer’s, caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease and caring for yourself.

Episode 7 – Looking Back on 2018

B’s further decline & the seizures, my Dad’s sickness & death in Germany. Caregiving, the importance of being active, good sleep and we start to address the race component. 

Episode 5 – Researching on the Brain

Dan & Alex are joined by Jane Ransom of the American Brain Foundation.  They discuss Jane’s work and funding research for brain disease, the difference between certain brain diseases, and keeping a positive approach to the many challenges faced.

Episode 3 – The Holidays

Dan & Alex discuss their personal lives through the holiday season, and Dan sheds light on the challenges faced when being a care giver.