What has been the best gift you’ve ever given and/or received? Bill also talks about celebrating Chaunkah.


As we sit down for a feast with friends and family, Bill Ayres wants to know, What are you thankful for?

Hungerthon 2018

As we go into Thanksgiving week, Bill Ayers talks helping those in need. 2018: donations taken at the website and/or 1-800-5hunger


This week on The Bill Ayers Show, Bill talks about the major issues the country is facing as Americans go to the polls. Guest, Josh Rubin joins Bill live from Texas to talk about immigration.


This week on The Bill Ayers Show, Bill talks about Forgiveness and is there somebody in your life you should forgive?

Topic – Friends

Do you have good friends or one good friend? Tell us about it. What do you look for in a friend? Are you a good friend? Have you had a recent break up with a friend? Callers talked about losing a friend, old friends, making a new friend and a broken friendship, can it be […]

Topic – Fear

Do you have a problem with fears? Is there a particular fear you have? Are you generally a fearful person? What do you think is the root of your fears? What are you doing to deal with them? Callers talked about the fear of failure AND the fear of succeeding. One caller talked about his […]