EP 86-The Return of Kerryn Feehan

Casey and Will are joined again by America’s Sweetheart, hilarious comedian, Kerryn “Too Tan” Feehan. They talk about Gf’s caring for their sick Bf’s, Kerryn’s pay pigs, and play another rousing round of “Would You Rather?” It’s a Doozy! DON’T FORGET TO SHOW UP TO THE LIVE SHOW 8/15 AT 7:30 PM @ CAROLINE’S ON […]

EP 85- Lena Einbinder

The boys are with hilarious comedian Lena Einbinder. They talk about how Lena came to identify as a non-binary trans person, urinals, and dog walking tales! It’s a doozy!!

EP 84- The Return of Shalewa Sharpe!

Hilarious Comedian Shalewa Sharpe (@silkyjumbo) returns! We talk boobs, balls, Casey’s insane sex drive and play a rousing game of “Would You Rather?” THIS IS ONE OF THE BOYS FAV EPS EVER!! LISTEN!!

EP 82— w/ Eman El Husseini

The boys are with hilarious comedian Eman El Husseini! They talk about healthcare, Canada,being in a relationship with another comic, and Nanette!

EP 90 – w/ Caitlin Peluffo

The Boys sit down with the hilarious comedian Caitlin Peluffo.  Casey gives advice, boyfriend talk, and Pat interrupts Will like seven times!  It’s a doozy!