THE MMA REPORT 3-29: Don't Buy Into The Hype – Conor Isn't Retiring

On this episode of The MMA Report, Gunz previews UFC Fight Night in Philadelphia where Barboza will face Gaethje and also the rise of David Branch.  Plus, we just weeks away from Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier and Adesanya vs Gastelum – which will be an amazing card.  But of course the big story is […]

The MMA REPORT 3-22: Dillashaw drops belt, Iaquinta vs Cerrone

On this episode of The MMA Report: Gunz discusses the good, the bad, and the frustrating.  The good would be Jorge Masvidal absolutely destroying Darren Till last week.  The Bad?  T.J. Dillashaw getting caught by USADA and being suspended for a year for a violation.  The frustrating?  From a fan standpoint, I wanted Cerrone vs […]

The MMA Report 3-15: Conor gets Jailed, UFC Reaction

On this episode of The MMA Report: Gunz says Conor won’t be facing jailtime, he won’t be deported, and that although this is Conor once again having a negative public image, that the bottom line is, this means NOTHING in the big realm of things.  Gunz wants Conor to just get it together though so […]

The MMA Report 2-28: Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley joins Gunz on the latest edition of The MMA Report and talks about fans thinking that his fights are boring, that he’s not a flashy fighter, as well as what his expectations are as he attempts to defend his title for the 5th time.  

MMA Report 2-15: Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou returns to The MMA Report with Gunz and has an eye-opening conversation where he talks about not being mentally prepared to fight a few of his past fights, how he has overcome those struggles and how he plans to defeat Cain Velasquez this Sunday at UFC Fight Night, and ultimately get a title […]

The MMA Report 2-8: Kelvin Gastelum

On this episode of The MMA Report, Kelvin Gastelum calls in ahead of UFC 234 – he talks about the expectations, people doubting him on his fight against Robert Whitaker, and how he says that he is in better shape more now than ever before and is ready to get that Middleweight title.  

MMA REPORT 2-1: Cowboy Cerrone talks McGregor

On this episode of The MMA Report with Gunz, I talk about the recent Nevada Commission hearings on Conor, Khabib, and Jon Jones.  Did we really think Conor was going to get more than they said?  Plus he’ll be back fighting by the first week of April, or at least eligible.  Khabib definitely going to […]

The MMA Report 1-25-2019: Mike Heck

On this episode of The MMA Report, Mike Heck joins Gunz and discusses UFC Fight Night – the early call with Dillashaw – was it justified?  Also Conor.  What is going to happen with Conor – will he face Cowboy Cerrone?  Plus, is the UFC doing TOO many cards and oversaturating the sport?  That and […]

The MMA Report: Henry Cejudo / TJ Dillashaw / Cowboy Cerrone

On this episode of The MMA Report – both Cowboy Cerrone and Henry Cejudo stop by and speak with Gunz at Madison Square Garden.  They realize how much is on the line for both fighters – be it the title for Henry, or Cowboy’s continuing of his career.  Also T.J. calls in and continues to […]