Episode 12 – The ExtravaDanza!

Rob welcomes his pal Tony Danza who has stories about Burt Reynolds and Frank Sinatra, plays a part in the intrigue in Chapter 2 of Death Can Kill: ‘Deader Than Elvis’; and steps into the Ring with Rocky Balboa as his Taxi Character, Tony Banta. ‘Carbon Dating’, a new sponsor joins the program, providing a […]

Episode 11 – Folkies, Funerals, Fake Psychics and Gary Busey

In this latest episode, Rob presents the first installment of ‘Death Can Kill – Elvis Edition’; Bud Sperlo offers cut rate coffins, Miss Winnie returns and attempts to scam 20 bucks off both Rob AND Mandy, A profile of protest singing legends ‘The Liberal Artists’, who perform their hit ‘Let The Government Pay (The Entitlement […]

Episode 9 – The Best Of…So Far (Volume Two)

In this jam-packed, yuk-filled Episode, Yoko returns with some new Haikus; the cast performs the next installment of ͚Death Can Kill͛, Bud Sperlo introduces his new business venture, ͚The Catheter Barn͛; some dude who thinks he͛s from the Metropolitan Opera orders lunch; Hannibal Lecter is the Celebrity Bachelor; and Rob welcomes a new sponsor ‘A […]

Episode 8 – The Best Of…So Far (Volume One)

The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour has now graduated and is also available on 77WABC Radio Every Saturday Night at 10 PM and will be available as a podcast immediately after Broadcast. In this episode, a retrospective of some of the best bits from the Radio Comedy Hour, re-recorded especially for the airwaves. In this […]