Episode 26 – – Paint with Behr

Jodi Allen Global Chief Marketing Officer at Behr Paint and Erika Woelfel VP Color and Creative Services are our special guests. Jodi and Erika are very passionate about the business of paint. If you are getting ready to paint the inside or outside of your home, don’t touch that paint brush until you listen to […]

Episode 25 – Front Steps

There are so many choices when considering building new or remodeling existing front steps. The front entryway of your house is one of the most important aspects of your homes curb appeal. Dean and Derek will break down some of the options that will help you design the right steps for your home. Whether it’s […]

Episode 24 – Engineered Cements & Mortars

Choosing the right stone or tile for either your residential or commercial project can be a serious investment. Choosing the right mortar or cement is just as important. Our guest today is Barry Cullen from Ardex. Ardex is an international company that is one of the leaders in the masonry and tile adhesive business. Barry […]

Episode 23 – Cambridge Pavers

Keith Vincigurra from Cambridge Pavers is here to let us know what’s new and exciting for the coming year in pavers and wall products.  Cambridge Pavers have been one of the leaders in the hardscape supply business and have just completed construction on the largest concrete paving manufacturing plant in the United States.  Manufactured pavers […]

Episode 22 – The Masters Class of Plants

On this weeks episode we have plant expert Steve Tomasi owner of Tomasi Nurseries in Pembroke MA.  Steve has been in the plant supply business for two generations and is also a landscape architect. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field and we have him in studio.  If you are looking […]

Episode 21 – Appliances

Yale Appliance And Electric in Boston, MA is one of the largest family owned appliance and lighting businesses in the country with over 100 employees. Dennis MacDonald who has worked with Yale for over 17 years in the sales division is our guest. Our focus will be on what’s new in refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves. […]

Episode 20 – Countertops

If you are in the process of purchasing a new vanity top or new kitchen countertops this is the episode for you! Dean and Derek have invited Jim Mcadden owner of Tiles By Perfection to stop by and talk about whats new and exciting in the countertop world. There have been a lot of changes […]

Episode 19 – Aggregate & Loam

Do you know your Aggregates? The different types and what they are used for? How about Loam? Is it just a pile of dirt? Mikey Driscoll from J.F. Price and Plymouth Quarries is our guest this week, and we will break it all down for you. Crushed stone, size of stone, and how you can […]

Episode 18 – Kitchen Cabinets

On this weeks episode we are very lucky to have as our guest Tracy Martin owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath out of Pennington New Jersey. Tracy is a top designer in New Jersey, New York City, and has worked on designs around the country. When its comes to choosing kitchen cabinets the choices […]

Episode 17 – Mulch

This show is dedicated to Mulch! Are you excited? Well you should be! Mulch is not just processed tree bark, or ground up stumps. There are many old and new options in the mulch world to choose from. Not only will Dean and Derek talk about all the options, they will also give you design […]