Episode 19 – Aggregate & Loam

Do you know your Aggregates? The different types and what they are used for? How about Loam? Is it just a pile of dirt? Mikey Driscoll from J.F. Price and Plymouth Quarries is our guest this week, and we will break it all down for you. Crushed stone, size of stone, and how you can […]

Episode 18 – Kitchen Cabinets

On this weeks episode we are very lucky to have as our guest Tracy Martin owner of Blue Lotus Kitchen and Bath out of Pennington New Jersey. Tracy is a top designer in New Jersey, New York City, and has worked on designs around the country. When its comes to choosing kitchen cabinets the choices […]

Episode 17 – Mulch

This show is dedicated to Mulch! Are you excited? Well you should be! Mulch is not just processed tree bark, or ground up stumps. There are many old and new options in the mulch world to choose from. Not only will Dean and Derek talk about all the options, they will also give you design […]

Episode 16 – Living Walls

Just because you live in an Urban environment doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own vegetables, herbs, or beautiful plantings. Living Walls are the new “Thing” for city dwellers, office buildings, and for people who have limited space for gardens. Our special guest Jan Goodman owner of Cityscapes Boston is the leader in design and […]

Episode 15 – Driveways

Who in their right mind would do an entire show on driveways?  Of course it would be Dean and Derek.   Believe it or not there is a lot of information to cover when it comes to driveways.  Not every driveway is alike, and believe it or not there are so many options out there.  […]

Episode 14 – Fireplaces and Inserts with Curt Ludlow

One of the most popular features in a home, new addition, or commercial office is a gas fireplace or insert.  Special guest Curt Ludlow of August West Fireplace will tell us what is new to the market, mistakes customers make, and what are some of the new “Hot” products in the market.  This is a […]

Episode 13 – Grades & Platforms

One of the most challenging problems in Outdoor Design is working with grade changes. Homes on hills, or homes below street level an cost some serious money when it comes to entryways, walkways, and patios. Dean and Derek have done many of these designs over the years and will give you some tips and ideas […]

Episode 12 – Permeability

Water run off has become a big issue in the design and hardscape world, especially in ocean side communities. In this week’s episode Dean & Derek dive into what makes a stone or paver project permeable, how to prep the base, and what are your options for jointing products. This is one of the fastest […]

Episode 11 – Interior Walls

One of the hottest trends in Interior Design are smooth and textured tile or stone wall coverings. Seamless lines, extra large sizes create very unique and and high end looks. We will introduce you to some new products in this market and give our opinions on what is the right design for your particular style […]

Episode 10 – Pergolas and Covering

How can you create shade in high sun outdoor living areas? We have you covered! Pardon the pun! No matter what part of the country you live in, one of the major issues in you outdoor rooms is how to create shaded areas when the sun is at it’s strongest. Do Pergolas really create shade? […]