#67 – We Lost a Rental Car & We Miss Spanky Brown

On this weeks podcast we discuss Bing Crosby, the fact that we are stupid and lost a rental car, and the untimely passing of our good friend and insanely funny comedian Spanky Brown. gofundme.com/spankybrownmemorial to donate to Spanky’s funeral expenses wellredcomedy.com for tickets to our shows smokeyboysgrilling.com for some DOPE ASS meat rubs from our sponsors

Story Time W/ The CHO #2 – Throwing Rocks at Bottles

In a week (ok, 2 years!) of negativity, I thought I would share a story of a simpler time in my life. One where all you needed to have fun was a rock… and something to throw it at! Originally written for The Huffington Post, I hope you enjoy ‘Throwing Rocks at Bottles’   Sponsorship […]

#66 – The South is BEAUTIFUL! (But How It Got That Way Is Not!)

From a hotel in  fantastic Charleston, SC, we discuss (sighhhhhh) Plantations, Slavery, and all sorts of stuff from the South’s troubled past.   Also The CHO gets SUPERRRRR high and attempts to tell a very disgusting story about defiling himself sexually. wellREDcomedy.com for tickets to our shows! smokeyboysgrilling.com for some bad ass meat rub!

Story Time w/ The CHO: Episode #1 – Let It Slam!

Hey wellREDers! This is a brand new edition to our podcast and one we hope you will enjoy. Our own resident Cherubic Drunk, Corey Ryan Forrester (AKA The CHO) will be reading stories once a week to hold you over until the Podcast drops every Wednesday. This weeks story is from Dale Forrester aka The […]

#65 – Our Better Halves (The wellRED Wives Take Over!)

You keep asking for them to come back, so here they are: Our wives! A 3 parter: 1.) Mr and Mrs. CHO 2.) Drew and Andi 3.) Trae and First Lady Katie Crowder   Listen to them talk about how much we dont hit! wellredcomedy.com for our tickets and shit smokeyboysgrilling.com for some DOPE ass meat rub!

#64 – Crying On Airplanes + Katie Crowder Discusses Freegan Vegans

This week we talk about the darkness in comedy, Music, etc. and how (and why) we always cry on airplanes; especially when listening to certain music (Such as tunes by our good pal Lydia Loveless) Plus, a special drop in by Trae’s wife Katie who discusses Freegan Vegans.   wellREDcomedy.com for our tickets, merch, etc (SIGN […]