#70 – Mr. & Mrs. CHO: The Crown Royal Wedding!

After taking our first EVER week off from the podcast (so sorry…it was a wedding, it was a honeymoon, it was Bonnaroo) we our back with a very special Wedding/Honeymoon recap from The Thuggish Ruggish CHO and his new bride, the lovely and (unintentionally hilarious) Amber Roberts Forrester.

Part of the podcast was recorded while actually ON the honeymoon in St. Lucia (wine drunk in the hotel room) and the last part was recorded back home on the porch in Chickamauga, Ga reminiscing about the experience of being the older couple at the resort, how shitty the food was, but overall how gorgeous it was and why Corey needs to work on his cynicism.

The intro portion that normally just contains dates and a plug for our sponsors was laced with an espresso fueled tirade by the CHO concerning Trump, Kim Jong Un, and all that malarkey that went on the past week or so.

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