Finland’s Experience of no Homework

Debates around homework are often centered on common factors/concerns. No wonder homework is quickly turning into a global conversation.

Well, we are all out to make sure that we improve our education systems because this would mean securing a better future for our children. Who wouldn’t like to have a better world? This means that we should always learn from our mistakes as well as from the success of others.

So, in case you have been wondering who is doing well in this arena, this is exactly where you should be. Furthermore, this article will also cover some of the main recommendations that you can consider to help make your education system more efficient.

Here we go.

At the start of this millennium, Finland’s education system quickly took the greenlight for top performance. Well, it continues to rank as one of the best in the world only because teachers are entrusted to give their best.

If you don’t believe me, then consider the high performance by Finland students on international tests especially on reading, math, and sciences. I know it is something to marvel over but how exactly did they get here? Plus, what can we really learn from them?

There is no doubt that the quality of education influences the national economy. Given that Finland has less natural resources, education quickly became their number one priority. As a scapegoat, they have continually worked to reshape all educational facets towards becoming student-centric.

I know that several articles out there might make you think that this is a mystery but it isn’t. It just calls for a clear and feasible strategy that anyone else can adopt. This means that we should take a pause from focusing on reforms that solely work to increase accountability and standards and rather use sustainable approaches.

To be clear, Finnish students typically learn from a teacher within school walls as well as time just like any other kid out there. So, please don’t think that they learn from another dimension.

For those asking where the difference is, maybe it is time we take a deep dive into the policies.

Despite using the most common education model, Finland’s educational policies dictate that the system produces the best outcomes for every student. This means that even the below-average school in Finland guarantees the best education for its students.

This realization prompts educational reformers from other countries to emulate the same. Therefore, it is urgent that we move away from content-driven strategies to vision-based approaches that would inspire the growth of talent as well as targeted abilities.

Just as we admire the police, teachers in Finland are often given the highest regard. The country prioritizes finding the right people for this profession and takes them through very thorough and rigorous training.

Despite having fewer school hours than usual, teachers here spend more time preparing for classes as well as arranging to meet with both parents and students. Therefore, collaboration in addition to visionary leadership as well as trusting teachers are the main take away for improving our respective education systems.

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