Divine Styler: Pushing Boundaries in Hip-Hop Is A No-No

Divine Styler, has had an atypical 25 year career as an MC. Look at his discography and you'll see that even though he's only has come out with 4 albums, each of his albums have had the goal of pushing the boundaries of what hip hop can, and should be. I asked him why does he create albums that push the limits of hip-hop?

Styler: "I've never cared  from the beginning…And that's what the fun part is to me because I'm free, to a degree, in a lot of areas to actually exercise different things without the pressure of certain things….The biggest hit I took was with Spiral Walls because I was actually pushing boundaries and excited about pushing boundaries. But you learn quickly and specifically in Hip-Hop that is a no, no. you aren't supposed to push boundaries. you supposed to keep it pimping and you're supposed to keep it cocaine and all that other shit. For me, that just made me go deeper into doing my own thing."

Part 1 of my interview with Divine Styler will be available soon http://thelibrarywithtimeinenkel.libsyn.com/

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