Episode 89 – A Musician's Journey to Farming

Listen to the science of farming, music, visual art and food, all in one episode. To say David McConnell is a renaissance man would be short changing him. David sees the world and his time on this planet as a blank canvas and seeks to make his mark on it. You wouldn’t believe this story if I told you it, so let Dave tell it to you. In summary Mr.McConnell went from producing the music of legendary musicians such as Elliot Smith, to tending farms and producing food and herbs for legendary chefs. Along the way he also won a fellowship for his visual art. Whatever Dave focuses on begins to grow and now it’s about sustainable farming and work herbs into your daily lives. Most importantly Dave McConnell uses herbs and other plants to keep his son Fox healthy and thriving. Listen and be inspired! Friends & Sponsors: Social House Vodka Meredith College Masters Program Triangle Wine Company Food Seen Michael’s English Muffins Larry’s Coffee and 42 & Lawrence Ramona Wine Coolers Happy Hour Vitamins  

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