Fireside Chats Issue 342: The Man Who Laughs

Stop me if you heard this one. A man falls into a vat of chemicals…. Well Firesiders, that’s at least the start of one of the jokers on our list today. In this issue Mr. Maurer, P. Features, and Baby Huey talk about the “Man Who Laughs”, the Joker. With Joaquin’s behind the scene videos and photos consuming the internet right now. The guys thought it would be a good time to talk joker. They go through (in their opinion) the major portrayals of joker on the big and small screen. So whether you are a classic fan longing for the return of Cesar’s Joker, an animated fan waiting to hear Hamill’s trademark laugh, still curious about Heath’s scars, dancing with Jack, a member of Jared’s skwad, or clowning around with Joaquin, this is the show for you. Welcome to Fireside.

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