Meet Little Jaxson

Little Jaxson, now 2 years old, faced a scary ordeal when his family found out he had a heart condition that could only be cured through heart surgery. At Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Dr. Khahn Nguyen is pioneering a new, pediatric heart surgery procedure that results in: Less pain, Less scaring, Faster recovery times.

Dr. Nguyen’s procedure uses minimally invasive surgery tools to make a horizontal incision – just a few CMs in length – under the child’s armpit (axillary incision) in order to access the heart. Unless the child raises his or her arm, no one would see the scar. No nasty chest scars for little girls and boys!

Jaxson had his procedure at 18 months of age and he was home in 3 days. Today, he is an active toddler that is excited for the holiday season! Jaxon was a sensation at his pediatrician’s office. His doctor couldn’t find the scar and was calling staff into Jaxon’s exam room to see evidence of this new procedure. “I could not have been more thrilled,” said Jaxon’s mother, Lizzette. Jaxon’s didn’t have a large scar on his chest nor wounds to monitor or take care of during his healing process. “There was never a doubt in our minds we were in great hands at a great medical facility such as Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, as well a surgeon with such talent taking care of our son.

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