Skyzoo Spits! Tim tries to Spit

Skyzoo and Apollo Brown recently sat down with The Library with Tim Einenkel to discuss their new album, The Easy Truth. During the interview Tim attempted to recite lyrics by Skyzoo; Skyzoo helped him out. Find out what the lyrics mean and more soon when the entire interview is posted.

Here's the lyrics from the track "A Couple of Dollars"

[Verse 2: Skyzoo]
And it sounds like beautiful like the truth
Like "she bad but even more beautiful in the coupe"
And seeing that was seeing all that I would need to pursue
The e-class that was used to corner me off the stoop
Was as clean as the book that your hand on
When you prayed that we stayed away from them anthems
Fuck is left for us except for us to go stand on
A box with a rope and a bottle of Spade
Carpe diem, carpe diem, make it pop it for the day
I threw money to jeweler, sneaker box full of change
Know me, I'm no better I'm about it the same
Cause on a box with a rope is how we got in this frame
Now flick it up, one time for 'em, one time for 'em

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