Trick Daddy, The Interview

Miami based rapper Trick Daddy is best known for his music. Each song is a reflection of himself or somebody he knows. Throughout his music career, Trick Daddy has been deemed controversial. This stigma is usually branded on artists who bring the ills of society to the public eye. The title of “controversial artist” sticks because the artists usually has little chance to defend himself(sic) in public because the song which explains it all isn’t covered by the mainstream. Unfortunately, this causes the artist to be highly misunderstood. Trick Daddy understands this but in no way apologizes for his music. He writes what he knows. This is evident in his new autobiography, Magic City: Trails of a Native Son. Written by Trick Daddy and Peter Bailey. I had the opportunity to interview Trick prior to the book coming out. He explains that his book should be used as a deterrent and should not be seen as glorification.

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