Episode 56 – Cashman & Jeter

A new book out describes a not so friendly relationship between the two. Plus astupid NFL proposal, Gambling on the NBA, and the lowlife remarks of Barbara Streisand.

Episode 55 – History Making Willie Worsley

Russ talks with Willie Worsley about about his Texas Western team starting five black players in a championship game for the first time in history back in 1966 to beat Kentucky.   Russ also talks about the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. Plus don’t believe the numbers you hear in the Colin Kaepernick settlement with the […]

Episode 50 – Racism & The Media

Russ talks about racism in society and the selective way the media chooses to cover it. Plus Colin Kaepernick gets a deal with the NFL, while in baseball many free agents remain unsigned without deals.