Episode 15 – GEORGE MARTIN

Russ talks with former Giants great George Martin about the NFL’s anthem controversy, racism, CTE, and his historic walk across America.  

Episode 14 – DUMBO deBLASIO

Russ lays into the mayor over his efforts to get rid of the entrance test for the City’s elite high schools. He also talk about suicide and the pain it leaves behind.

Episode 12 – We Spoke Out

Russ speaks with Neal Adams, a giant in the comic book industry who helped put this book together. It tells us how comic books taught people about the holocaust in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Episode 11 – Mark Teixeira

Russ hammers away at Mark Teixeira for saying that he wasn’t surprised about Robbie Cano using PEDs.  Plus sleazebag principals in the NYC schools, legalizing pot, and allowing junkies to shoot up!

Episode 10 – Matt Patricia

Russ talks about the New England Patriots new head coach Matt Patricia. Was he guilt of rape or not? Plus, what is considered proper attire for everyday life?