Episode 20 – Special: Juliet's Travel Tips

Juliet discovered Europe late in the game. But now she makes it a point to visit at least a few times a year. In this episode, Juliet takes you inside her journey journal, giving listeners her one secret for making your vacation the best it can be. What is it? Listen..

Episode 19 – Julie Roginsky

Juliet sits down with her longtime friend, and former colleague Julie Roginsky — a Democratic consultant and one-time familiar face on Fox News.  What’s life like since she left?  And what does a woman who hangs with some of the country’s biggest political power players think of the latest events?  The ladies dish, debate and […]

Episode 18 – Ethan, Boy in the Big City

He’s only 12, but Ethan Cirrito lives a life most kids – and parents – could never possibly imagine.  Ethan is one of millions of “New York Kids”, children who live, go to school and play in one of the biggest, craziest cities in the world.  What’s it like to take the subway to school? […]

Episode 17 – Jack Doolan

Juliet’s a huge rock music fan.  And she’s been lucky enough to become good friends with some of her favorite performers.  Here, she talks with Jack Doolan of Cypher16, who talks about everything from their friendship to the challenges of touring “across the pond”.

Episode 16 – The Blue Stones

Canada – turning up the heat when it comes to turning out talented rockers.  A few weeks back, Juliet introduced you to the guys from Royal Tusk.  This time, it’s the The Blue Stones a riveting duo from Windsor, Ontario . They’re already being compared to The White Stripes and Black Keys… but as Juliet […]

Episode 15 – Phil Demmel

He’s spent nearly two decades in the Bay area metal band Machine Head.  But after sparring with the band’s frontman, guitarist Phil Demmel decided it was time to move on.  But just days after the band’s last show, Demmel’s fears and insecurities over his professional future were put out, with a bullet.  Juliet talks with […]

Episode 14 – Myles Kennedy

He’s the highly-respected frontman of rockers “Alter Bridge”. He’s also partnered up with everyone from Slash of “Guns N Roses” to Mark Morton of “Lamb of God”.  Juliet Huddy caught up with him last year as he released his solo album, “Year of the Tiger”.

Episode 13 – Royal Tusk

Juliet’s rock obsession is not myopic. She’s adamant about exposing the “Juliet: UNEXPECTED” audience not just to the personalities behind the big bands… but the lesser known, hot-up-and-coming acts as well.  As she’s about to show you, Canadian rockers Royal Tusk fit that bill perfectly.

Episode 12 – Liberty Devitto

You may not know his name… but his music is some of the most iconic in rock and roll history.  Juliet sits down for a chat with drumming legend Liberty Devitto, and hears how his ‘unceremonious’ parting from former band mate Billy Joel ended up being a blessing.