We’re the Walking Dead: Episode 16 – Cooorrrraaall!

We have approached the midway point in Season 8 and things could not be more in question for our group. Alexandria is up in flames, the Kingdom has lost their leader, and Rick faces the one thing he fears the most. Ian scrambles into the sewer to hide from the Saviors, while Mendte prepares Hilltop […]

We’re The Walking Dead Episode 13: No One Cares

Things have become very dicey here lately. Gun fire is normal background noise, walkers are feasting on the Sanctuary and Morgan has gone 007 on us. Ian looks on from behind a passage way as Morgan nails head shot after head shot. While Mendte peers through a keyhole to discover a lack luster throwback to […]

We’re the Walking Dead Episode 12: Princesses and War

*Spoiler alert* Tensions have risen past the tipping point. Rick, that crazy royal guy with the tiger, and Maggie over at Hill Top are talking about war. That Negan guy with the bat should be nervous. E and Mendte listen intently, wondering how we possibly have the numbers to win this. There are whispers of […]